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Is Stress Genetic?

There are a number of chronic diseases that can be blamed on genetics but not a lot of people consider stress
and anxiety to be passed down from parents. How you react to pressure and unfavorable conditions depends mainly upon the power of your brain and your
ability to take charge of your internal activities.

So, can a condition that relies heavily upon one’s individual mental abilities be genetic? Continue reading

stress and anxiety prefrontal cortex neuropeptide Y is stress genetic  Is Stress Genetic?

Inner Peace

The key to having a happier life is to have inner peace and contentment.  Inner peace is the feeling of inner calm and centredness despite the turmoil in the outer world.  Seeking happiness by engaging oneself in external pleasures and stimulus will only bring temporary relief.  It does not solve the problem.  Once the effect of the external stimulus wears off, the person will be back to square one.  stress management stress and anxiety relaxation inner peace  Inner Peace

One needs to resist the temptation to seeking external pleasures as the sole means of solving one’s dissatisfaction and unhappiness in this life.  I think one of the key to more long-lasting happiness is to learn to let go of the material cravings as well as external stimulus.  One needs to learn in realising the impermanence nature of this life. Life is a constant flux of good and bad things.  This is just parts of life.  Life is not simply black and white. When one is in low point, there will be some positive aspects of it as well. 

Another life lesson in gaining more happiness is to have gratitude in no matter what circumstances one is in, good or bad.  It is too easy to go overboard when everything goes well and easy.  Similary, it is also easy to feel depressed, dejected when things do not go according to one’s wishes.  By developing the attitude of gratitude in no matter situation one is in, one is able to maintain calmer and less agitated attitude towards the ever changing life circumstances.  By possessing this attitude, one is able to navigate through this life more calmly, happily and less anguish.

stress management stress and anxiety relaxation inner peace  Inner Peace

How to Handle Stress and Anxiety

There are several ways which I personally find useful in coping with daily stress and anxiety, such as:

Learning to Let Go

One of the reasons why people are stressful in their lives is that they tend to take things in life too seriously. For example, they are inclined to take their work too seriously. Many working class people are too bounded to their work by putting up long hours. In the process, they sacrifice other parts of their lives such as family, health (both physical and mental) as well as emotional and spiritual aspect of their lives. Continue reading

stress management stress and anxiety how to handle stress and anxiety anxiety management  How to Handle Stress and Anxiety