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Benefits of Self-Compassion

In today’s competitive world, we tend to focus on how better we are relative to one another. We tend to have high level of egos and lack of self compassions.  Our self-esteem is fragile. We get angry and irritable if we feel that we are less good than others.    At the slightest hint that this well-preserved ego is broken, our sense of well-being goes down with it as well.  This unhealthy tendency creates tension not only for ourselves but to the surrounding people as well.  On daily basis, we ride on emotional roller-coaster ride, swinging from happiness to frustration depending on whether our sense of self-esteem is enhanced or put down.  Consequently, we are not at peace with ourselves most of the time. 

 The challenge is how to be at peace with one-self irrespective of how people’s views are towards one-self or our own self-views for that matter?  One of the best solutions is to learn the art of self-compassion.  To put it simply, self-compassion is an act of kindness which one can show towards one self, no matter how bad the situation is.  A self-compassionate person knows that he has done his best under the circumstances.  There is no need to beat one-self up or criticize one-self harshly if one messes up.  Only through the act of kindness towards one-self, can self-healing start its natural process of recovery.  A self-compassionate person does not feel “threatened” if other people perform better than him in school, at work or other fields for that matter.  By practicing this art of self-healing, one will be able to achieve a greater level of peace and harmony in life.  Lastly, a person who is at peace with one-self will achieve a greater level of personal success and growth. 


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