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The Importance of the Law of Attraction

What does the Law of Attraction has to do with stress and anxiety? Everything. The law can either be useful or a hinder to people experiencing stress and anxiety.  To start with, what is the Law of Attraction?  Simply put, it is a metaphysical belief that a person attracts to himself what he thinks about, ie like attracts like. Positive thinking brings about positive results.  Conversely, negative thinking brings about negative results.

An Example

A person who is experiencing shortage of money will do no good to himself by constantly dwelling on how “poor” he is.  This is because by allowing himself to preoccupy his thoughts on the shortage of money, he will continue to experience a lack of money.  What he has to do, instead, is to redirect his thoughts and to focus on “abundance”.  He has to think of abundance more often than shortage.  Therefore, instead of letting the thought of no money constantly preoccupy his mind, he should start being grateful for the amount of wealth that he has at that point of time.

The Case for Stress and Anxiety

How do you apply this basic law to the daily stress and anxiety that we are frequently facing? The person will do him a great favor by not resisting and complaining about the problems that he is facing.  This is because by resistance and complaints, he will only allow the extension of his problems. Instead, he should take the current stress that he is facing in his strides and at the same time, proactively find ways to minimize or reduce this unpleasant occurrence.  For example, instead of complaining incessantly, he could perhaps take up relaxation techniques such as yoga or meditation.  Admittedly, this is easier said than done.  However, there is no other better way to this.

By putting in practice the principle underlying the Law of Attraction into your daily life as much as possible, you will find that you can lead a better quality of life.  The problem might persist, but at least, you will be more at peace with yourself.


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Self Hypnosis For Health

What is Self-Hypnosis?

Self-hypnosis is one of the most powerful tools of positive self-transformation through inducing a relaxed but concentrated state of mind. Similar to day dreaming, this state of mind is characterized by relaxed and focused concentration.   Though it may sound foreign to some people, we experience a state of natural hypnosis on quite a frequent basis.   Whenever we experience a state of joy, calm and relaxed concentration while doing something or any activity where we lose track of time, most probably we are in the state of natural hypnosis. Continue reading

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