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Is Stress Genetic?

There are a number of chronic diseases that can be blamed on genetics but not a lot of people consider stress
and anxiety to be passed down from parents. How you react to pressure and unfavorable conditions depends mainly upon the power of your brain and your
ability to take charge of your internal activities.

So, can a condition that relies heavily upon one’s individual mental abilities be genetic? Continue reading

stress and anxiety prefrontal cortex neuropeptide Y is stress genetic  Is Stress Genetic?

How can Meditation help in relieving Stress?

Stress has a lot to do with the state of your mind and the control you have over your emotions.
There are a number of factors that can get us worked up but no matter what the cause of your stress is, one sure way to combat stress is through meditation. Continue reading

what is meditation relieving stress through meditation prefrontal cortex combating stress  How can Meditation help in relieving Stress?