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Are you suffering from Computer Stress?

Sadly, grandma wouldn’t have a remedy for this particular ailment. Computer stress is a
relatively new term, which has been coined considering the negative impact the
over usage of computer, has on our mental and physical health. Continue reading

stiff shoulder and neck physical health mental health computer stress  Are you suffering from Computer Stress?

5 Benefits of Jogging on Anxiety

Aerobic activities are a crucial part of
physical fitness. Aerobics are the only effective method of maintaining a
healthy heart, and a great way to improve overall weight loss. There’s a reason
that doctors, fitness experts, and the media all recommend running as a way to
improve your physical health.
But aerobic activities do so much more than
that, and for those suffering from anxiety, a simple activity like jogging can
have a profound effect on your ability to manage your symptoms. Continue reading

mental health jogging and anxiety anxiety management aerobic activities  5 Benefits of Jogging on Anxiety