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Self Hypnosis For Health

What is Self-Hypnosis?

Self-hypnosis is one of the most powerful tools of positive self-transformation through inducing a relaxed but concentrated state of mind. Similar to day dreaming, this state of mind is characterized by relaxed and focused concentration.   Though it may sound foreign to some people, we experience a state of natural hypnosis on quite a frequent basis.   Whenever we experience a state of joy, calm and relaxed concentration while doing something or any activity where we lose track of time, most probably we are in the state of natural hypnosis. Continue reading

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Stress Relief Food

There has been strong evidence relating to the mind and body connection.  This has the implication that the kind of foods that we are consuming on daily basis might have impact on the stress level that we are facing.  Our bodies’ natural response to the stress factors will be either enhanced or diminished by the nature of foods that we consume on daily basis. Continue reading

stress relief stress level healthy food choices coping with stress  Stress Relief Food