Self Hypnosis For Health

What is Self-Hypnosis?

Self-hypnosis is one of the most powerful tools of positive self-transformation through inducing a relaxed but concentrated state of mind. Similar to day dreaming, this state of mind is characterized by relaxed and focused concentration.   Though it may sound foreign to some people, we experience a state of natural hypnosis on quite a frequent basis.   Whenever we experience a state of joy, calm and relaxed concentration while doing something or any activity where we lose track of time, most probably we are in the state of natural hypnosis.


During this natural state of calm, relaxed and yet sharp alertness, our subconscious mind tends to be susceptible to new ideas and life-changing positive habits which we would like to introduce to our lives.  Hypnotherapy is a way to help inducing this state of relaxed consciousness, such as through listening to CDs.  A professional hypnotherapist will guide you through the easy-to-follow process, as recorded in these CDs that will lead you to achieve a positive transformation in your life.  Once in this state, we are more able to change unproductive or unhelpful thought patterns into new positive patterns.

Normally, our existing “mental cabinets” are mixed bags of positive as well as negative thoughts which we have learned and picked up since we were young.  While our positive habits, learned attitudes and beliefs tend to empower us, the negative habits or beliefs tend to drain us of our energies, create stagnancies and hinder us from achieving our true potentials.

Hypnotherapy normally includes the following steps:

1. Relaxation

In this initial stage, you will need to find a quiet place whereby you can stretch out, feel at ease and relaxed.  One of the best methods to introduce greater degree of relaxation is through practice of deep and slow breathing for a few minutes. This is normally done through closing your eyes, in order that you will not be distracted by your surroundings.  The process is accompanied by a slow and soothing music in order to introduce greater level of relaxation to the mind.  After practicing this exercise, we will normally find that our “monkey” mind is more or less tamed and that various thoughts that normally race through our minds settled.

2. Introducing Imagery into Our Inner Landscapes

With our minds quieted down, we will be asked to form a nice and relaxing imagery in our inner mental landscapes.  You can choose a place where you find relaxing.  This can be a place that you have been before or alternatively, you can conjure up an ideal place.  Open up all your senses in this place and soak yourself in the beautiful and soothing surroundings.  Hypnotherapy is effective as our mind does not know the difference between images that it generates from the event in our normal waking reality.  By giving our mind good doses of positive supportive images during this relaxed state, our bodies will respond positively as well.

3. Self-Affirming Declarations

The final step is to do self-affirming declaration on topics which you would like to see improvement in your life.  By repeating lines after lines of positive affirming sentences, your receptive mind will be able to absorb these messages down to the subconscious level.

4. Repeat

For optimal results, repeat this hypnotherapy process on a frequent and regular basis.  Sooner or later, you will notice that gradual and yet steady improvements have taken place in your life.

The Benefits

Self-hypnosis is useful for people who would like to see improvements in their quality of lives.  The method can be used for weight loss, smoking cessation, inner peace, inner strength and confidence as well as for stress and anxiety reduction.

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