Power of Positive Thinking

“A strong positive mental attitude will create more miracles than any wonder drug”

–    Patricia Neal

 There are many advantages that can be gained by simply thinking positive thoughts.  One such advantage is the important role it plays in daily stress management.  Our ability to cope with stress is to a certain extent governed by our outlook on life.  Generally, the more positive outlook on life that we have, the greater our stress coping ability will be.

 Is the glass half full or half empty? Your outlook on life will influence the ease of which you handle life turmoil and to a certain extent, it will also determine your mental as well as physical well being. An optimistic person will generally be healthier, more resilient in the face of life trauma and when unfortunate event strikes, he will be able to bounce back more quickly than the person with pessimistic attitude.

 What is positive thinking? It is the ability to look out for the best while confronted with life unpleasantness, instead of letting one’s thought sinking into the doom and gloom scenario.  It is not an attempt to ignore life’s unpleasant situation but to face with the attitude that thing is going to get better. 

 The health benefits

What are some of the more prevalent health benefits that can be attained by maintaining a more or less constant positive outlook on life?  Besides increasing the person’s level of emotional and physical resiliency, other benefits include:

  • Greater resistance to common colds
  • Increased life span
  • Improved mental and physical well-being
  • Lower levels of mental distress
  • Lower occurrence of stress-related illnesses such as high-blood pressure, heart disease and strokes

 The positive thinker tends to look after themselves better by engaging in healthy activities such as fitness, meditation as well as taking care of the food they eat.  

 How to imbue with yourself with positive thoughts?

One good aspect about positive thinking is that this skill is learn-able.  As this process involves converting the mind habit from negative tendency to the positive one, do not expect to have quick results.  Be patient with yourself and you will gradually see improvement in yourself.  

  • It starts by identifying which areas of your life that you are negative about, such as relationship issues or financial difficulties.  There are always two ways in perceiving a situation, positive and negative.    Two persons can have entirely different perceptions over the same negative events happening in their life.  Person A (the positive thinker) thinks that this setback is temporary, does not take it personally and focuses on finding ways to get back on his feet.  Person B (the pessimist) fills his mind with blame, denial, and plays the role of a victim.  He refuses to feel better by looking at the situation through a more positive angle.  It won’t be an easy process to transform one’s outlook from negative to positive.  Only through willingness to change and the desire for the better can a person successfully go through this mental transformation process.
  • Another effective method is to surround yourself with positive people.  The positive people will give you encouragement and provide support in your journey whereas the people with negative outlook will tend to pull you down further.  
  • Positive self-talk.  Every second, your mind will be filled with either positive or negative thoughts.  Be aware of your thoughts.  If you are feeling stressed, down or dejected, this implies that you are currently allowing negative thoughts to roam through your mind.  Once aware, try to let go of the negativity and to supplant it with some positive spin to it.  This is a constant battle between positive versus negative thoughts.  You need to ensure that your positive thought will eventually win the battle.
  • Leading a healthy life style.  Engage yourself with activities that will bring advantageous effect to you mental and physical well-being.  For mental health, consider meditation, yoga.  Whereas for physical health, try to do a regular exercise such as three times a week as well as pay close attention to the food that you are eating.

 Like anything else, practice leads to betterment.  If you are feeling stressed and negative at the moment, practice self-acceptance as well as being gentle towards yourself.  Avoid blaming, complaining and justification of any negative situation.  Don’t feel guilty or bad that you are feeling negative about certain things.  Practice more on positive self-talk and has confidence that sooner or later, your outlook on life will change.

thinking positive thoughts staying positive power of positive thinking positive self talk  Power of Positive Thinking