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New Year Resolution 2012

Year 2011 has just gone by.  Each one of us has his own feelings and perceptions with regard to the old year.  Looking through the list of resolutions that I made in the early part of 2011, I would say that I am quite happy with how things are progressing.  I am quite satisfied that I am disciplined enough to act on “tasks” which I set to do. 

 As we enter into 2012, I have come up with new resolutions for the new year.  Here are some of the key things which I hope to accomplish in the year 2012.

Physical Fitness

In order to continue enjoying a good quality of life, physical health is very important.  Physical as well as mental healths form two basic foundations in my life.  This is because only with good physical and mental healths am I able to live a happy life and to carry on living productively.

 I intend to continue with my regular exercise routines, such as swimming, brisk walking and yoga.  While I have been swimming for many years now, I just picked up yoga during the second half of 2011.  I have gained both physical and mental health benefits from yoga practice.  One good advantage of practicing yoga is that it does not take up a lot of time (a few poses a day will do) and yet I am able to experience the benefits that this practice brings. 

 Mental Fitness

Living in today’s fast-paced society can be stressful.  Stress and anxiety are parts and parcels of daily life.  I intend to reduce the negative effects which stress cause through yoga and meditation practice.  Again, yoga has done a good job in reducing my level of stress and anxiety as well as in helping me coping better with life’s challenges. 

 I intend to continue with my daily meditation practice.  Through this practice, I am able to increase my level of mindfulness and concentration.  I am able to still my mind better in the face of life’s tumults and to increase my ability to respond circumstances rather than react to them.  Through meditation, I am hoping to be increasingly becoming the master of my mind and not the other way round. 

 Live Spiritually

By this, I mean to live a meaningful life.  There is a greater calling and meaning to life to just acquiring material wealth and enjoying life to one’s heart content. (I will feel empty if I pursue this path!) In this respect, I am hoping to increase my level of gratitude and contentment to my life situation.  Yes, I still need to achieve my goal of financial freedom which means that I have to be in the wealth acquisition mode.  However, wealth acquisition is not the ultimate goal in life.  Besides achieving financial freedom, I will increase my capacity in helping others through charity. 

 Eat Healthy

Generally, I intend to continue consuming a well-balanced healthy food as much as possible.  I intend to be more selective of the foods that I am having.  In the face of variety of foods, I am inclined to opt for fresh foods such as fruits and vegetables as my primary diets.  As I am not a vegetarian, I will eat meat to a lesser extent.  Among the meats, I opt for white meat such as fish more than red meat, such as beef. 

 Taking responsibility for My Life

I am the creator and owner of my life.   I believe that what I think of on daily basis will eventually create my reality.  Based on this assumption, I intend to observe my thoughts and choose them wisely.  I shall refrain from negative and non-supportive thoughts and to imbue my mind as much as possible with positive and supportive thoughts.  Along similar line, I will try to refrain as much as possible from the negative habits of complaining and blaming.  This is because they do not solve problems.  Secondly, by allowing oneself to form a complaining habit, my capacity to find solutions amid problems will also deteriorate.  Not to mention the impact that they have on my level of self-confidence. 

 Letting Go of the Need to be Perfect

For a long time, I ponder on how to achieve inner peace.  No matter what I do to make me feel happy and better, the effect does not last.  I might get elated and excited over accomplishing tasks I set out to do.  However, the happiness does not last.  Soon, it will be replaced with a new “task” which I need to accomplish and it goes on and on.  I gradually come to realize that I need to learn to let go of the need to be always perfect in order to instill more inner peace.  When things do not turn out as I would like it to be, then I simply learn to let go and make peace with it.  The opposite to this is to get upset and angry, which is not conducive to having inner peace at all. 

 Helping Others

We are living in this interconnected world and universe for that matter.  What we do unto others, good or bad, will eventually return to us.  I intend to continue helping others primarily through charity.  Through the practice of giving to others (especially those in needs), whether through material as well as non-material means (such as giving time to serve others), we will just cement our interconnectedness with others.  Through practice of giving, one will experience the joy and happiness of being able to make positive contributions to the society that we live in. 

 Financial Freedom

Last, but not the least, I intend to expand and grow my passive income and net worth with the ultimate aim of achieving financial freedom.  Achieving this financial goal is of ultimate important to me as it will allow me the freedom to choose what I would like to do in life. For example, I do not have to work for others, if I choose to. 

 What’s your new year’s resolution? In setting up resolutions, it is best to be precise and achievable. It has to be able to stretch you in order to reach the goals you set for yourself and to break away from the current comfort zone. 


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  • Jason Anthony

    This is a very balanced and powerful post. Letting go of the need to be perfect (or expect perfection) is crucial. It can set us up for failure in massive ways. good stuff!

    • mulkurnia

      Yes. It is better to aim for improvement over perfection. Thanks for the comments.