How Yoga Can Help With Eating Disorders


yoga teenage teen eating disorder  How Yoga Can Help With Eating Disorders

How Yoga Can Help With Eating Disorders

It is disturbing to see so many teenage girls and even women in their 20s fall prey to the twisted concept society has in regard to beauty. In fact, even a lot of young men are influenced too. While being physically attractive is every person’s dream, why do so at the cost of your own health?

Firstly, eating disorders is more common than we think. You have girls sticking fingers and throwing up just so they won’t pack on the pounds, and aim to get gaps between the thighs and hip bones to jut out. This is not what an ideal healthy person should look like. Anorexia is a disorder and not a goal. Also according to statistics, the anorexia death rate is 12 times higher for teens.

There are many therapies that help with this disorder, but as per recent research and examples, yoga can help tremendously to combat the issue at both physical and mental levels. So how does yoga actually help? Let’s start with the mental aspect first.

Dissolves Panic– If you have ever experienced any of these eating disorders or even cheated on a diet with a rather heavy meal, you will know what the after effects are. Panic, guilt, self-hatred, and then the remedy- throwing up, or a pre-meal panic, what if you chomp down on this slice of cake   , you will put on weight, you won’t fit into you size zero clothes anymore and then people at school will tease, call names, laugh at you. There’s always a sense of panic over what if you don’t get accepted as per society’s rule for physical beauty. This is where yoga comes in and helps to relax the mind and dissolves this feeling unless it all but dissipates.

Induce a sense of calm- In the absence of panic, you feel calm and at peace.  This healthful practice is known to help calm the mind and connect the soul with the energy around. Try doing yoga for just 30 days and then feel the difference. You feel a part of the bigger plan, a plan where the gaps between your thighs do not matter.

Accepting yourself– When you are at peace with everything around you and everything inside you, you accept yourself the way you are. In fact you come to love your body, flaws et al. Additionally there are some body acceptance yoga asanas as well that are emotionally challenging, these asanas help to link the body with the soul. Imagine waking up to smile at yourself in the mirror, telling yourself that ‘you’re beautiful’, not being bound by the shackles of eating disorder, and being confident about who you are.

Perception change – Yogis and yoga practitioners rave about one of the best ways yoga has changed their lives- by changing the dimension of their perception. Yoga is like clearing a dirty glass pane, not only can you see clearly but you can actually see in a different light. Yoga helps people to reduce the habit of magnifying issues by shifting the focus from the negative to the positive. This is another way to imbue confidence.

Understanding what the body wants- When you are in tune with your inner self, you will likely be able to ‘communicate’ with your body. You will be able to understand what your body needs, and you will be surprised how most of what the body needs is healthy. A quick example is when you are craving for a pie or something sugary, your body is trying to say that there is a deficiency of essential nutrients and that it needs fuel. Next time when you get a craving, try having a bowl of fruit salad first, and see if you still feel the craving. In short, yoga grounds the eating disorder triggers and pushes the mind to choose a healthier alternative.

A healthier body- And of course, yoga helps to maintain an overall healthy stance for the body. You can feel your nerves opening up and your muscles stretching when you do a thorough 10mminute session. For people who have weight issues, yoga can help to lose and maintain weight. So there is absolutely no need to worry about putting on if you are an active yoga practitioner.

Get rid of the toxins- Yoga again helps to eliminate built-up toxins through sweat and also via urine. So essentially, this makes you a healthier person on the inside too. Don’t forget to replenish by drinking at least 2 liters of water every day.

Yoga is a holistic approach to staying healthy and physically fit. For eating disorder patients and those recovering from it, yoga can be of immense help. You can also up the benefits of yoga by pairing it with simple meditation. Pranayama and Kapalbhati-the part of yoga centered on breathing techniques is a type of meditation as well.

yoga teenage teen eating disorder  How Yoga Can Help With Eating Disorders