How to Treat Anxiety

Learning how to treat anxiety can be of great benefit to many over-stressed
people around the world. There are a number of natural remedies you can
familiarize yourself with, most of which you can perform on yourself as needed.
First of all, learn for yourself what triggers your anxiety. Develop some
non-invasive coping strategies–such as taking a bath, asking your husband to
watch the kids, putting on a favorite CD, or treating yourself to a massage.
These two simple steps can go a long way towards alleviating anxiety.

One of the newest strategies for how to treat anxiety is called the Emotional Freedom Technique. This
easy-to-learn technique is effective and free. Using the energy meridians in
your body (the same used in acupuncture), you tap certain points in a certain
order while stating affirmations in a particular form out loud. To learn where
to tap and how to formulate your affirmations, check out Emotional Freedom
Technique (EFT) on YouTube or Google. There are also classes available where
you can learn EFT in person as well as certified EFT practitioners you
can visit.

While acupuncture is a bit more complex, it is another great note to add in your book
of how to treat anxiety. Again, utilizing pressure points along energy meridians, acupuncture places thin
needles in these points, helping to re-align and balance the body, creating a
heightened sense of well-being. Acupuncture also provides 15-20 minutes of
quiet, meditative time one can use for visualizing anxiety-free living while
the needles are working their magic.

Still asking how to treat anxiety?
Perhaps you’ve overlooked the healing benefits of exercise.   In Dr. Michael Sacks’ book Exercise for
Stress Control,
he writes:

“Exercise increases blood flow to the
brain, releases hormones, stimulates the nervous system and increases morphine-like substances found in the body that can have a
positive effect on mood. Exercise may trigger a neurophysiological high–a shot
of adrenaline or endorphins–that produce an antidepressant effect in some, an
anti-anxiety effect in others, and a general sense of ‘feeling better’ in

Dr. Sacks says that exercising for just 20 minutes three times per week is sufficient to reduce anxiety, as well as many
other benefits. Whether doing aerobic or anaerobic exercise, the important
thing is to exercise. If you are not accustomed to exercising, Dr. Sacks
recommends starting with Yoga or Tai Chi.

Along with exercise, don’t forget the importance of good sleep in learning how to treat anxiety.  In times of stress, it can be difficult to sleep through the night. While lying in bed tossing and turning, anxious about
not sleeping, triggering more problems than just lack of sleep. To sleep better, avoid caffeine and alcohol, don’t nap during the day, don’t snack after
dinner, ensure your bedroom is totally dark at night, and buy a new bed if your
current one isn’t comfortable. Still having trouble? Take natural melatonin supplements.

Treating anxiety is something you can easily do yourself using one or a combination of
the techniques outlined above. Here’s to your anxiety-free health!

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