How to Handle Stress and Anxiety

There are several ways which I personally find useful in coping with daily stress and anxiety, such as:

Learning to Let Go

One of the reasons why people are stressful in their lives is that they tend to take things in life too seriously. For example, they are inclined to take their work too seriously. Many working class people are too bounded to their work by putting up long hours. In the process, they sacrifice other parts of their lives such as family, health (both physical and mental) as well as emotional and spiritual aspect of their lives. I think they should learn to better prioritize their lives and to think that work is only a part of their overall lives. Another aspect of letting go is not to let oneself to be overly upset over certain unpleasant situation. Learn to accept that life is not a bed of roses. It consists of both pleasant and not-so-pleasant aspects. By being more detached to various aspects of life, I think one can learn to enjoy lives better. Peace will gradually grow from this sense of detachment. I do think that one should strive for the best in life, however one should leave a room for any mishaps and unfortunate/unhappy occurrences as well and to let go of it.

 Physical Exercise

I believe that one should lead a more physically active life. Despite the busy working schedule that each one of us might face, sparing some time say 3 to 4 times a week by doing some form of exercises will help in alleviating stress and anxiety. There are many ways to do exercises, such as jogging, brisk walking, swimming, yoga, going to gym etc. Personally, I like to do swimming about three times a week (about 20 minutes each). The purpose of this exercise is to stay healthy, both mentally and physically. It does not have to be a long and tiring exercise. I believe that in today’s society, leading a sedentary lifestyle is the norm. The sooner that people realizes the benefits of keeping fit; I think they will start to exercise more regularly.


I find that breathing meditation is one of the best means for me to cope with daily stress and anxiety. Meditation has helped me quite tremendously by allowing myself to feel more relaxed and calm. This way stress and anxiety will be kept at bay. Meditation also helps in promoting greater self-awareness and concentration. By doing meditation regularly, one is also better able to handle unpleasant situations in life more calmly and to better able to control outbursts of negative emotions such as anger. Another benefit of meditation is that one will be less reactive.

 Eating Healthy

Treat your body well. Realizing the interconnectedness between mind and body, one should attempt to eat healthy food regularly, Try to select more vegetables and fruits over meat (especially red meats, fish is better than red meat). I think one should also consume more of the wholegrain products such as oats, muesli as well as brown rice. Personally, I consciously make an effort to have healthy diets on daily basis. I am not a purist as once in a while, I will go for “less healthy” food or junk food. By eating healthy, besides feeling better, it will also help our body in coping with daily stress and anxiety.

 Good Night’s Sleep

Each individual differs from one another in terms of the number of hours of sleep needed. Generally, a person needs about 7 to 8 hours of good quality sleep at night. There are many beneficial effects to having a good night’s sleep. Having a restful sleep helps to combat common problems associated with stress and anxiety. These include irritation, anger, lost of patience and other negative emotions. Besides, having a good quality sleep also aids in boosting one’s body immunity against illness.

stress management stress and anxiety how to handle stress and anxiety anxiety management  How to Handle Stress and Anxiety

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