How to be Happy with Yourself

“Happiness depends upon ourselves” 


 Happiness is subjective and is dependent upon each individual person.  With the same situation, person A can find happiness whereas person B might be dissatisfied.  More than anything else, as happiness is a state of mind, only you yourself can give the permission to be happy or unhappy.  The key to happiness lies within ourselves. 

 Little Desire over Things Materialistic

A happy person tends to have relatively lower desire over materialistic stuffs.  Knowing that materialistic fulfillment does not equate to happiness, the happy person is content over things that he possesses.  Sure, he still has the desire for improvement in life, be it financial wealth or other aspects of life.  However, a happy person knows when to stop and does not allow him to be enslaved to materialistic fulfillment.


A happy person is someone who continuously feels grateful over his life journey, be it good or bad.  There is always a room for thankfulness in his heart.  He is grateful for his state of health, financial wealth, relationship and other areas of life.  Instead of complaining, a happy person is thankful for his situation for he knows that things can be worse.

 Stop Comparing

You can learn to be happy by stop comparing yourself with others.  Each one of us is different.  We come from different family background, educational background as well as upbringing.  Each one of us has his own unique life experiences.  Knowing this, comparing yourself with others will only lead to unhappiness.  When another person is successful in life, a happy person will feel joy and happiness for that person.  There is no room for envy in his heart. 

 Look on the Bright Side

When life dishes out negativity to him, a happy person will take his problem in his stride.  Just like any other human being, the happy person will feel sad, dejected or other kind of negative emotions.  However, he will not let this incidence color his positive perception on life.  He will find the bright side of his negative situation.  On the other hand, a less happy person wallows in his circumstances and refuses to find the jewels in his less-than-fortunate circumstances.  A happy person knows that life is a series of positive and negative experiences and that nothing lasts forever.  

 Nothing is Permanent

A happy person knows that life is a series of positive and negative experiences and that nothing lasts forever.  Even in times of trouble, a happy person knows that this shall pass.  Knowing this, he will find ways to improve on his situation instead of getting bitter.


A happy person pays attention to his physical and mental well-being.  It is well known that physical exercise can improve the mood of a person.  Knowing that staying physically fit will aid in his overall happiness, the happy person exercises regularly.  


A happy person is kind and gentle not only towards others, but also towards himself.  A happy person is the person who can accept himself as well as others.  Instead of looking in the past with guilt, anger or disappointment, a happy person knows that he can not change the past.  Knowing this, he tries to let go of the past and focuses on the present.  By doing good in the presence, both towards himself as well as unto others, he knows that he will have a happier future.  

  Inner Peace

A happy person is the person who maintains inner peace.  He is fully aware that the source of his happiness is not outside but can be found inside him.  He founds inner peace through meditation, prayers or other kind of spiritual practice.  




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