Are you suffering from Computer Stress?

Sadly, grandma wouldn’t have a remedy for this particular ailment. Computer stress is a
relatively new term, which has been coined considering the negative impact the
over usage of computer, has on our mental and physical health.

Almost everyone gets stiff shoulder, neck and back while working for long hours in front of the
screen. And that is just the physical aspect of computer stress, do you have an
unclear memory and find it hard to concentrate after a few minute? Ever got
really mad and jabbed keys on the keyboard just because your screen wouldn’t
load fast?

Our incessantly increasing dependency on technology in general and computers in particular, has
made it to be a huge part of our lives today. This is why sometime losing data
through hard disk crashing or even slow internet connection can take a toll on
our stress level and create a feeling of frustration and anger inside us.

Some common symptoms of Computer Stress:

  • Dry eyes, redness and irritation
  • Persisting headache
  • Fatigue and tiredness
  • Stiff shoulder and neck
  • Regular back ache
  • Pain in arm and wrist
  • Irritability
  • Absent mindedness
  • Lack of concentration

A lot of us professionally depend a lot on technology, whether it is storing data or communication.
Shutdown or data wipeout is bound to affect out professional life and our
physical and mental health. Here’s what you can do to prevent and combat computer stress:

Figure out your problems– Is it your data you are most worried about or your
internet connection conking off? Figure out what can cause you maximum computer
stress and try to look for alternatives. Get a backup of your data in a pen
drive and keep a dongle or charm your neighbor to give you their wifi password
so that you can use them in times of emergency.

Befriend some tech nerds– If you are anything like me and are truly baffled
by the nuances of technology; befriend someone who is good at it. Having a
friend or a colleague who can guide you through difficult situations will help
in getting solutions to problems in a short span.

Buy decent products– No, you need not go running out and buy a Macbook
Pro (although, there’s no guarantee of it running flawlessly), but always try
to get branded products that would put up. A lot of us compromise on quality to
get products cheaper, instead of buying inferior quality goods, see if you can
get a deal or a discount.

Relax- We know that things can get difficult and frustrating, but try to keep your
calm. Stressing out would only make matters worse, try to look for alternatives
and relax.

Organize your work station- Ensure that your computer desk and
chair are angled properly or if you work on a laptop, use a laptop table so
that you do not slouch while working.

Take breaks in between, stretch yourself and splash some water on your face and especially in
your eyes.



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