Are children with ADHD more prone to be stressed for life?

stress depression attention anxiety ADHD  Are children with ADHD more prone to be stressed for life?


It is surprising that even though ADHD is one of the most common disorders children suffer from, not a lot is mentioned about its correlation with stress. Children with ADHD or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder are not only more stressed than other children their age but it can also lead to long-lasting effects like anxiety disorders for life.

Dealing with children who had ADHD is a stressful time for parents, but it is also a very stressful time for the child himself. When they are constantly prompted to do or not do a certain thing despite having opposite feelings for it, it makes them feel helpless and hence stressed.

Can ADHD lead to stress?

It is understandable that children suffering from ADHD are stressed, but can this disorder lead to the child being at a higher risk of being stressed for the rest of their lives? Scientists have established that some children who suffered from ADHD did end up with some other disorders later on in life.

These are the ‘secondary’ problems that people who had suffered from ADHD as children tend to face. Doctors say that the frustration and stress of coping up with ADHD-triggered issues led to a lot of children developing other diseases and disorders like depression, stress, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and some neurological problems as well.

No matter the age, ADHD symptoms can be seen in children well past fourteen years of age. So, it is important to ensure that the child does not bear permanent emotional damages that could further lead to depression, anxiety attacks, chronic pain, and Tic’s syndrome.

How can someone with ADHD deal with stress?

If the stress is triggered by ADHD, it is important to first deal with ADHD. A lot of behavioural problems that eventually lead to chronic stress and anxiety can be solved if ADHD is thoroughly treated during childhood. Coupled with medication, it is very important that the child get the required therapy to ensure that he and the family is able to deal with the disorder in a holistic way.

In fact, most doctors suggest that the child gets therapy because medication will mainly help to deal with the symptoms of ADHD and ADD but it is only with corrective behavioural therapy that the child will eventually be treated. And this is important because unless proper curative efforts have been made to deal with ADHD, it will pose to be a trigger for other disorders later on in life.

There are a lot of teens suffering from ADHD as well, and it is a very challenging time for them. In addition to dealing with the disorder, they also go through the difficulties of a teen life. And it could get worse if they are bullied. All in all, parents don’t quite know just how stressed their teenage child is.

In such a situation, there is a pressing need to deal with stress as well. And how can you deal with stress?

Find a hobby– According to a study, children with ADHD showed remarkable improvement when they took up an activity they enjoyed doing. Even if you are not an outdoorsy person, you can take up painting or writing. Taking up a hobby will shift the focus from everything that is stressing you out and will also give you an opportunity to express yourself.

Do yoga and meditate daily- Yoga has been proven to have fantastic results on people suffering from different types of disorders. Since most of these disorders are triggered by emotional changes, yoga empowers the mind to deal with these emotions better and to not let it get the better of you. Meditation too works on the same principle and aligns the body and mind creating a balance between the two.

There are a number of meditation techniques. The easiest one is to listen to soothing music like white noise, the sound of nature, or an oscillating clock. These meditation sounds are available on apps too.

Join a support group– Teenagers are not thrilled by the idea of joining support groups but they’ll be surprised to know how big a difference can being in a support group or even finding supportive people who understand and help you through difficult times make. Even if you do not want to join a support group, talk to your parents, they understand and want to help you. Don’t think they don’t get it, they do, just try to open up to them. Or find a reliable friend who understands and appreciates you.

ADHD is a challenging time yes, but it needs to be treated. If parents see symptoms of ADHD in children, mainly the three common symptoms hyperactivity, inattention, and impulsivity they should immediately consult a doctor.



stress depression attention anxiety ADHD  Are children with ADHD more prone to be stressed for life?