5 Stress Release Techniques That Actually Work

stress techniques stress release stress anxiety  5 Stress Release Techniques That Actually Work

Stress Release Techniques

By now, everyone knows that yoga and meditation works wonders for stress, but besides these there are other lesser-known techniques that also help to alleviate stress and anxiety. While some of these can be conveniently done, some require time and effort on your part.
But, all in all these techniques have been proven to work almost with immediate effect.

Here’s taking a look at 5 stress release techniques that work:

Visualization– If we had to loosely translate it into layman’s term, visualization is like day dreaming. When you are stressed, the predominant thoughts in your mind are mainly negative. Now, try to switch your mind to visualize a pleasant situation like getting the work done on time, or winning accolades for your presentation. Your mind immediately feels a difference and so does the rest of your body.

See, stress has a lot to do with your thoughts and the emotions that govern your state of mind during the period of stress. When you visualize positive scenarios, your mind relaxes and so does your body. You can feel your muscles loosening and your heart rate slowing down.

Music Therapy – Do not underestimate the power of music, it has been used for years in hospitals and medical procedures. In fact, when patients are taken for an MRI, they are often given headphones to hear soothing music.

Music has an effect on our mind, when you listen to slow number you feel relaxed and calm. When you listen to rock and metal, you feel pumped up- isn’t it? Have you noticed how the right playlist gives you motivation to work out harder when you exercise? Music lowers your blood pressure and heart rate, and hence helps to relax your body.

The type of music you listen to during stress is a personal choice. Some therapists believe that listening to soothing music will calm a stressed out person but some are also of the opinion that listening to adrenaline pumping music takes the listener to a ‘peak’ of emotions, after which they feel calm. But it is mainly advised to listen to soothing music to immediately calm your nerves.

Mind Dump– There are times when you feel stressed because you have a truckload of work to do and absolutely no idea where to start from. A mind dump is like taking all the thoughts in your mind- every thought no matter how insignificant- and writing it on a piece of paper.

Once you write all your thoughts down, you will be surprised to see that it isn’t a lot actually. See, we often perceive something to be bigger than it is, especially our problems. So when you have your thoughts in writing, cancel out the ones that do not need immediate attention. Once you have a list of all the tasks/items you need to work on now, rate them on priority basis and get working on it.

The idea here is to be as organized as possible. Organized people are definitely less stressed because they are certain of their next course of action. Do the ‘mind dump’ as often as you need, even engaging in the process will help you to calm down.

Exercise– The oldest trick in the book, exercising is one of the best techniques to reduce stress. Not only does it have an immediate effect on stress but according to studies, those who exercise regularly or are engaged in some form of physical activity are less prone to be stressed. It is very important to include exercise in your daily schedule, not just for better physical health but also for better mental and emotional health.

Exercising has dual benefits, one it helps to take the focus off whatever it is that is stressing you out and the second benefit is that exercising release serotonin which calms the brain and gives an overall happy feel. So, the next time you feel stressed get on the treadmill and run!

Sleep on it– When you are depressed, sad, low, stressed, try to go to sleep. It is the human version of switching it off and then back on to see if it starts to work as normal. Taking a nap or getting sound sleep rejuvenates the mind and body, and you are better equipped to cope with the reason of stress without stressing over it.

Some might argue that when you are stressed, the last thing that comes to your mind is sleep. But if you make a conscious effort, listen to sleep-inducing sounds like that of wind chime or white noise, it will lull you to sleep.

Or if all else fail, get on the treadmill and run!

stress techniques stress release stress anxiety  5 Stress Release Techniques That Actually Work