5 Benefits of Jogging on Anxiety

Aerobic activities are a crucial part of
physical fitness. Aerobics are the only effective method of maintaining a
healthy heart, and a great way to improve overall weight loss. There’s a reason
that doctors, fitness experts, and the media all recommend running as a way to
improve your physical health.
But aerobic activities do so much more than
that, and for those suffering from anxiety, a simple activity like jogging can
have a profound effect on your ability to manage your symptoms.
Jogging and Anxiety

Just 30 to 60 minutes of running every day
can have a remarkable effect on your mental health. Just a few of the benefits
of regular running include:

  • Release of Endorphins

After about 10 to 15 minutes of running,
your body starts to release neurotransmitters known as endorphins. Endorphins
are a type of completely healthy, completely natural mood stabilizer. The more
you run, the more endorphins your body receives. These chemicals also act like
powerful pain killers, relaxing your entire body in a way that is so powerful,
it’s referred to as a “Runner’s High.”

  • Burning Fat

Weight loss is not just important for your
physical health. Your mental health is affected by it as well. The more
unhealthy weight you gain, the more your body starts to experience stress, and
over time that stress becomes regular and persistent anxiety. Running helps to
burn fat, thus decreasing the amount of stress your body is under regularly.

  • Decreased Energy

Much of today’s anxiety is due to reasons
that have nothing to do with anxiety-producing events. One of the primary
reasons that anxiety has been on the rise is because men and women now spend
most of their time inactive. When your body doesn’t use up its energy reserves,
it ends up transferring that energy into negative energy, like anxiety. Jogging
helps deplete this excess energy.

  • Better Sleep

Similarly, inactivity can make it more
difficult to fall asleep. Your body has all of this pent up energy at night,
and it struggles to allow your brain to rest. By using up these energy
reserves, you become more likely to get a better night’s sleep. Indeed, with
the added pain-killer benefits of jogging, you should also have an easier time
finding a comfortable sleeping position. Sleep deprivation is a common anxiety cause, and a tired
brain makes it harder to cope with daily stresses.

  • Alone Time

Finally, few people spend time in a
relaxing environment, where they can enjoy their own thoughts and distance
themselves from the stresses of the day. Even if you jog with a partner,
jogging represents a time where the technology, people, and situations that
cause you stress are left at home or the office. You’re out on your own,
breathing in fresh air, and becoming healthier in the process.

Yet Another Reason to Start Jogging

Daily jogging is one of those activities
that many people consider, but few people muster up enough motivation to start.
While everyone wants to be healthy, it often takes a while to build up enough
endurance before jogging can have its greatest benefits, and many find that
they quickly lose their will.

But if you also suffer from anxiety, jogging is an activity with some incredible anti-anxiety benefits. Many people
with mild to moderate anxiety need only to start jogging in order to feel like
their anxiety is nearly completely cured. If you have anxiety, you should
strongly consider running regularly in order to improve your overall mental


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